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Spray Marketing: The Pursuit of growth.

Spray Marketing is a young, vibrant SEO & digital marketing company based in Birmingham, West Midlands. Our agency is led by experts, obsessed by data, and focused on delivering robust and transparent results for clients.

Our culture is built on the belief that with the right team of people anything is possible. Because of this, we relentlessly strive to be better in all aspects of our business. This philosophy enables us to rigorously and continuously self improve.

Search engine optimisation

Your Brand. One Place.

All our services lie within the overall strategy we formulate, meaning that all activity is geared towards achieving the goals important to our clients. This overarching digital strategy, or 'roadmap', helps us create uniform campaigns tying the complexities of the digital landscape into a coherent series of campaigns.

This is why our clients love us – they appreciate the amount of dedication and hard work which goes on behind the scenes before we present them with a simple set of solutions.   Read More »

SEO (not just in Birmingham!)

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is often viewed as a dark art. Many SEO companies, especially in Birmingham, spend a lot of time and energy creating smoke and mirrors to cover up a lack of a knowledge and/or experience. That’s why we have a policy of full transparency in every SEO package we offer. Do you want to know what we’re doing, or what SEO positions you have obtained?

We give each of our search engine optimisation clients a login, giving them live, 24/7 access to the status of the work we are carrying out to help them obtain SEO positions. We also encourage our clients to come and visit us in our Birmingham offices.

Don’t just take our word for it though, look at a few case studies.   Read More »


Creating a website isn’t an art, nor is it science: it’s a merging of the two. Our designers in Birmingham and Manchester work relentlessly with our user experience executives to ensure a spectacular user journey; one that translates your brand to the digital canvas seamlessly. But it doesn’t stop there, a website needs to fulfil the needs of the user, as well as achieve business goals.

Whether you need a one page website, or a full blown, fully software-integrated package which lets you control your entire company from your mobile phone, we have the expertise and experience to ensure you get the very best solution for your business.   Read More »


Paid advertising represents a significant proportion of digital. Our clients receive coherent strategies to align search (including PLAs), and display (including YouTube) across multiple devices.

There’s a lot to work with in the landscape, but when we get to the more advanced strategies, we also have strong links with a number of leading Programmatic partners in the space to ensure we can take you to the next stage.

We also love bragging about the fact that our PPC services are overlooked by a multi-award winning ex-Google employee (what's he doing in Birmingham?!).   Read More »

Social Media

Creating great content for campaigns is useless if it is not seen and shared. We work with out clients to reach the right people, promoting where necessary, to ensure people are talking about them. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media platform, we aim to build a bridge between our clients and their customers. We also hold monthly meetings with our clients in our Birmingham offices to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Social media isn’t just about engagement either. Over the years we’ve learnt to put strategies in place which lead to tangible results - whether it's lead generation, or actual purchases, our team can work towards those KPIs.   Read More »


This is a huge part of our process – getting traffic to your website is pointless if it does not result in goal completions. Ultimately, we want our work to maximise the effect on your bottom line.

This is where data comes in – we’ll set up and work through the various user funnels on your website, and run some data-driven A/B testing to optimise the user journey.

But it doesn’t stop there. Conversion rate optimisation is a continuous process and one which bears fruit over time. We think we're the best in Birmingham at CRO so give us a shout and lets have a chat!   Read More »

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We all know that social sharing across various platforms is an obvious way to get our news or message out there, but there are so many other ways to help build influencer relationships, reach industry audiences and engage with potential clients. Some of them are so simple, you may have not even given them a second thought, whilst others require some planning and tactics. But here’s a broad cross-section that will help you achieve your aims.


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What is Mobile Optimisation?

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Larger companies often don’t have the time or manpower to work page-by-page to improve their SEO results. If you carry thousands or tens of thousands of products, it’s an impossible task to isolate each one, write an individual description, and meta-tag it for ease of finding. In terms of time and tedium, it’s off the scale.

However – thanks to our extensive work with larger e-commerce sites, Spray Marketing is more than aware of ways to combat this. It’s all to do with the following categories:

1) How Your Site Is Indexed
2) Category Copy On-Page
3) Product Schema
4) The Structure Of The URL
5) Main Menu Navigation

All of the above, properly maintained and programmed, will lead to strong organic growth and plenty of traffic. See below for more details:

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