"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world."

About Spray Marketing

We’re a data driven marketing agency specialising in all things digital.

Our culture is that of simplicity; it’s embodied in all the work we do, and across our team. We stand strong in our ability to break down the complexities of the digital landscape into a handful of key drivers, which ultimately denominate into one central pillar - the behavioural economy.

Understanding customer behaviour is the foundation of building a brand; this underpins our approach to managing media campaigns for our clients. Creating, growing, and maintaining a brand takes an incredible amount of planning in the midst of great ambiguity.

‘There's a puzzle of complexity to be found in simplicity. It's intentional. And it's by design.’ – Us!

Our Approach

By taking a data-driven, holistic approach, we are able to identify and coordinate the various online streams in unison to create and execute coherent and uniform campaigns. Our relentless dedication to expunging complexity is what drives our business – our clients require simplicity, and our solutions give them just that.

We think we can always be better. It’s a never-ending prophecy, but it keeps us going, and it reinforces our belief that anything is possible.



Everything begins with research. This lets us deliver the best solution for you.



We like to call it creative problem solving... this is where the magic happens!



This is where we explore various concepts, and jump down the rabbit hole!



Once an agreed direction has been found, we get stuck into the creative process.



This is when we release your project to the public... we love this part!



Every project can be made better, whether in-flight or post-analysis!

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