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“A great website means I’ll get loads of traffic”

Just because you have built an amazing website the chances are you’re still not getting many site visits. Even if you include loads of interesting content (even if its better than the Birmingham Mail!), this doesn’t necessarily guarantee hits. Although an engaging site and great content are essential for your websites success, equally important to having great SEO is links, a strong technical base and many more things. A combination of SEO tactics, content and a great site will save you from being a tiny fish in the SEO Ocean.

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Why You Should Use An SSL Certificate On Your WordPress Site

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HTTP, HTTPS, SSL – Do These Acronyms Impact SEO?

SSL certificates have been something most webmasters only recently considered important for eCommerce sites, and even then a lot of sites didn’t really go crazy with SSL certificates.

It’s not until more recently when Google said it would take into consideration whether sites have an SSL certificate or not that things changed.

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