A Beginners Guide to SEO for Mobiles

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What is Mobile Optimisation?

Mobiles and tablets are everywhere, and subsequently people use their devices constantly to access websites. However, many sites still aren’t set up to take into account the varying load times and screen sizes.

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5 Killer Ways To Improve Your Commercial SEO

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Larger companies often don’t have the time or manpower to work page-by-page to improve their SEO results. If you carry thousands or tens of thousands of products, it’s an impossible task to isolate each one, write an individual description, and meta-tag it for ease of finding. In terms of time and tedium, it’s off the scale.

However – thanks to our extensive work with larger e-commerce sites, Spray Marketing is more than aware of ways to combat this. It’s all to do with the following categories:

1) How Your Site Is Indexed
2) Category Copy On-Page
3) Product Schema
4) The Structure Of The URL
5) Main Menu Navigation

All of the above, properly maintained and programmed, will lead to strong organic growth and plenty of traffic. See below for more details:

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