Harnessing The Power of Branding In Content Outreach

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What Is Content Outreach?

Whilst some blogs are written just for personal satisfaction and entertainment, others have garnered keen followers from all over the world, on a huge variety of subjects.
Popular bloggers often find themselves in the heady situation of being able to influence buyers’ decisions. For example – www.carolinehirons.com – a beauty blogger who is so influential now, even editors of top beauty magazines rush out to buy her recommendations!

If you have something to promote, then it’s vital to team up with a partner in order to get your message out to the public. Choose your outreach partner well, and you can piggyback off their credibility and profile, in order to improve yours.

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Grow your business email list today!

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If you want to avoid ever-changing algorithms, and really know the impact of your marketing efforts, then it’s time to put grow your email list!

Despite every other channel and outlet, from social media through to competitions, an email newsletter still rates as one of the best ways to create impact through your marketing. Think about it logically – it’s a universal and direct line of communication. And providing you keep a clean and regularly-updated database of addresses, you know exactly where it’s heading – to the people you want to see it!

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How Good Website Design Creates Good SEO Results

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Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google when someone is searching for what they offer. It’s the holy grail (and let’s face it – past page two and you’re toast). But how to get there?

There are a combination of factors – some harder than others to crack, but the most basic, intrinsic and vital one of them all, is good web design. That doesn’t necessarily mean the visuals of the site (although of course, it does have to look the job), but rather the design of the ‘mechanics’ behind the scenes. How the site operates, and this should always, always be with SEO in mind.

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6 Ways To Optimise Your Conversion Rates

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(Or in other words – keep people onboard your site and hopefully buying).


We’ve all heard of search engine optimisation (SEO), but what about conversion rate optimisation (CRO)? The art of converting browsers into new customers and buyers.

CRO has gradually crept to the forefront and is now equally as important to an operational site as SEO. Indeed – you can be sure that if you’re not optimising, but your competitors are – then you’re missing out.

Here are some great ways to improve your conversion rates sooner rather than later

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How to Stop Potential Customers Comparison Shopping Online

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Price comparison websites (PCWs) are taking over. ‘There has been significant growth in the use of PCWs in recent years’, claims a report by the Financial Conduct Authority, and who can blame us? After all, if we’re in the market for a new TV, we don’t just pay full price. Instead, we’ll pick the make and model that we like and we’ll spend hours scouring the web for the very best deals. But we don’t want our customers doing that, oh no! A bit hypocritical? Absolutely. But that’s how these things work.

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Consistent Messaging & Its Importance Across Multiple Communication Channels

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We all know the benefits of multichannel marketing – increased exposure and access to wider demographics, for example – yet many of us are failing to create an effective multichannel marketing strategy. Why? It all comes down to inconsistencies across the channels.

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5 Advanced Conversion Rate Optimisation Methods to Increase Sales

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Whether it’s making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter, we measure campaign success via conversion, or action taken by the user. So what are the best ways to optimise for conversion?


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Online Influencers & Their Role in Social Media Platform Success

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Social media platforms are now a very ordinary part of life, and even the newcomers to the social media world are already showing huge promise. Snapchat, for example, has over 100 million daily active users, while Vine boasts around 200 million users per month! Networks like this grew extensively because they were in the right place at the right time; we were at a point when real time content was a top priority.

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Why Brand Measurement Matters in a Programmatic World

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Figuring out ways to take shortcuts is one of life’s joys. We use electric toothbrushes so we don’t have to expend all that energy moving our hand, we use Roombas so that we don’t have to vacuum our carpets manually, and we’re even starting to become a little lazy when it comes to advertising. It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of advertising budgets in the UK will be allocated for programmatic, or automated, marketing by 2018, and it seems we’re in an increasingly programmatic world. Continue reading “Why Brand Measurement Matters in a Programmatic World”


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What Is Text to HTML Ratio?

Firstly it’s worth explaining text to HTML ratio. All websites have a certain amount of back-end ‘HTML’ code, used by the developer, and a certain amount of standard text, visible to site visitors. The amount of text in proportion to the amount of HTML is the ‘text to HTML ratio’.