5 Killer Ways To Improve Your Commercial SEO

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Larger companies often don’t have the time or manpower to work page-by-page to improve their SEO results. If you carry thousands or tens of thousands of products, it’s an impossible task to isolate each one, write an individual description, and meta-tag it for ease of finding. In terms of time and tedium, it’s off the scale.

However – thanks to our extensive work with larger e-commerce sites, Spray Marketing is more than aware of ways to combat this. It’s all to do with the following categories:

1) How Your Site Is Indexed
2) Category Copy On-Page
3) Product Schema
4) The Structure Of The URL
5) Main Menu Navigation

All of the above, properly maintained and programmed, will lead to strong organic growth and plenty of traffic. See below for more details:

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The Best Platform for Selling Online – WordPress Vs. Magento

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Setting up a new e-commerce store, or turning your current site into a store can be overwhelming. There are many options to sell products online and it can be hard to pick if you don’t know the differences.

Magento (owned by eBay), and WordPress (usually WooCommerce) are the two most popular choices. They are both made for a similar purpose, but there are clear differences between them. The main things are development skill and flexibility of use. WordPress is easier for beginners, but Magento has some extra features.

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Images Are The Making Of Social Media

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We know content is king – people will always want something informative/interesting/funny or relevant to read. But how do you keep readers engaged in a piece of long copy?

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Logo, Brand, and Identity – What’s the Difference?

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There are 3 things that make up the image of a business, but these are often confused and blurred together.

Branding, identity, and logo design are all integral to a memorable and trustworthy business. They are what first comes to mind when anyone thinks of your business, and each of them holds a huge weight.

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The 4-Step Process of Creating a Successful Facebook Strategy

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Is your Facebook marketing doing what you want it to do?

Do you know what the return on your social media efforts is?

If you’re not entirely sure, maybe you should rethink your strategy. You do have a strategy… right?

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How to Build Trust and Guide Visitors With Website Design

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The design of a website is not just there to make it look pretty and colourful. It affects the perception of your brand and is a large factor for anyone deciding who to do business with.

Web design provides a complete experience for the user and affects how simple it is to find what they want. Last time you tried to find something on Google, how long did it take you?

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