Talking to the right audience

Content Strategy

Content marketing aims to target defined audience groups with quality, engaging content, with the objective of converting prospects into a local customer base.

The digital world has made it easier for people across the world to access content in seconds, meaning people read more, investigate further, and want to share the content they feel is engaging and appropriate.

Effective Good Quality Content

Generate the right inbound traffic
• It is important that inbound traffic is the right traffic. People that find the content useful are most likely the people you want visiting your site.

Increase Revenue
• Quality content attracts the right people, but it is also likely to encourage purchase. Writing about the things your consumers want to understand at the right time during the purchase cycle is key.

Build Brand Authority
• Making high quality content that benefits, educates or entertains any target audience is important, but making it consistent is important to build credibility in any brand.

Refined Recipe

At Spray Marketing we believe our content strategy is a refined recipe that increases overall engagement. The planning stage involves our content writers understanding the specific topics and content that will work best with your audience and, after execution, consistently monitoring and adapting content in order to drive efficiency throughout the whole process.

Consistent high quality content keeps the right audience coming back to site, encouraging repeat purchases, and referrals.

Aligned Marketing

We have a dedicated team of writers experienced across various industries and content types, with the ability to create and distribute content that engages in the right way with the audience you need to target.

The team is fully integrated within the rest of our business and is used at all stages of digital marketing so that content is fully aligned across all marketing platforms.

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