Digital Strategy can transform your business.

Digital Strategy

Customers both want and expect a seamless experience of your brand across all the touch points at which they encounter it. This might be on mobile, in store, or via social media. Ensuring that each customer has a seamless experience requires your company to take an enterprise-wide approach. Because there are now so many ways for customers to interact with your brand, it needs to have a consistent voice across all channels and devices.

Businesses getting customer experience right aren't just doing so by projecting their brand clearly. They're also staying on top of analytics and using data to identify and seize opportunities. They are leveraging market data and audience information to stay ahead of the game.

Transformation through integration

Brands that aren't getting it right are often developing new digital initiatives as standalone projects, run by digital teams that aren't integrated into the rest of the business. This leads to a customer experience that's patchy at best. Because these businesses aren't making use of digital data across the various business functions, they tend to react to customer needs, rather than pre-empting them, and they rarely make a big impact on the market. Digital transformation describes an approach to change that - to overcome organisational silos and improve internal vision sharing. Taking an enterprise approach to your company's digital vision can improve transparency and business intelligence, meaning your brand is able to respond faster to opportunity in the market.

Digital: Transormation Strategy

At Spray Marketing our aim is to make your organisation more intuitive and place your digital strategy at the heart of everything you do. We'll help your business leaders to take a coherent digital approach so that you deliver on your brand promise across every customer touchpoint. It means you can engage with your customers across both traditional and digital channels with a consistent brand to improve the return on your marketing investment.

Digital: Omnichannel Strategy

We drive digital transformations using the following services:

  - Digital strategy
  - Digital transformation
  - Insight analysis into customer segments
  - Data analysis
  - Digital innovation
  - Digital marketing
  - Digital sales

That's not all though, we also offer channel-based services. These include, but are not limited to:

  - Omnichannel strategy
  - Mobile strategy
  - Social media strategy

Maximise ROI across digital channels

We guide our clients towards an integrated digital strategy using a variety of digital marketing consultancy methodologies. This includes an audit of your current digital capabilities, current level of customer insight and digital customer service. Our digital consultancy team will map out your present approach to sales and marketing and see how you can improve. We'll explore any gaps in service delivery to get a picture of your digital maturity levels. Then we'll work alongside your team to agree a digital transformation plan that will work for your business.

We'll also conduct workshops to determine what your critical customer segments are, what their unique needs may be and how best to communicate with them. This will involve conducting surveys and leading focus groups to gain customer insights. We'll also map out the customer journey in order to better understand the sales funnel and how to optimise it.

The benefits of this approach include maximising the return on investment in digital channels. By improving customer visibility your business will reduce the cost of serving its audience and improve customer loyalty. The overall customer experience will be improved and a new efficient business model will deliver it for them.

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