"Social media is all about me" - Your Customer

Social Media

There's no escaping the impact social media has had on the way companies market their brand. These days if your company isn't involved in social media, they're missing out on the single most powerful (and cost-effective) marketing tool at their disposal.

With the advent of social media, it's now easier to connect with your target customer base than ever. You can inform your customers about special offers, upcoming sales and other changes to your business without the cost of a marketing campaign or printing fliers.

At the same time, it provides you with a fantastic way for customers to get in contact with your business and for new customers to discover what you have to offer.

Spray Marketing has extensive experience utilising all the major social networks to improve our clients' businesses. We can style your social media to fit with your company's image, which is a great way to expand your company's online impact and encourage customers to visit your main site. We can also show you how best to utilise these services to interact with your customers and improve your company's online profile.

Social Networks

Everyone knows the biggest social media tools, Facebook and Twitter, but there are dozens of other specialised networks that can help you to better connect with your target market.

The big one. The second most visited website in the world (after Google). With over 1.15 billion users as of March 2013, Facebook is not a social network you can afford to ignore. Every business who takes their online presence seriously should have a facebook page and Spray Marketing can show you how to make the most of yours.

Lead the conversation

Whilst not as big as Facebook, Twitter is still an absolutely massive social network, especially amongst younger internet users, with over 200 million active users as of February 2013. Spray Marketing can help you set up a great twitter account and show you how to use it to promote your business to your customers effectively.

LinkedIn, the professional-oriented social network, may not seem like the most obvious choice for marketing, but with over 238 million users, you would be wise to make sure your company has a presence on there, especially if your company does any business to business selling or offers services another business might use. It can also be a great way to attract new staff members or business partnerships.

Tell your story

Google's answer to Facebook may not quite have the same name recognition just yet but it already has over 500 million users due to it's unique features and integration with other key Google services. Another must have.

Especially popular amongst women, Pinterest is a great way to promote products or special offers, letting you target your desired customer base with amazing accuracy.

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