The best billboards in the country. Period.

Billboard Design

Billboards are still the pinnacle of out of home advertising. Whatever target audience you are trying to reach, we can not only help design the billboards, but get you the best rates in the UK. From mums to teenagers, shoppers to commuters, our team can create a design which will resonate with people on the move.

In fact, we do a lot of white labelled billboard designs and bookings, as we can get such good rates! Combine that with expert design, you can rest assured that Spray Marketing is the best place for your out of home advertising campaigns.

Billboards in every size

96 sheets, 48 sheets
Size matters. These are the biggest billboards with arguably the greatest and lasting impact. Of course these are often in prime positions across the country and therefore the most expensive, but you get what you pay for!

6 Sheets, 4 Sheets
These have a greater reach, and usually have a larger dwell time (think shopping centres, bus stops, and car parks), so they can be quite effective despite the smaller format. It comes down to what you do with the space, which is where our designers excel.

Moving OOH

These are the ads you see on trains, buses, trams, and taxis. With an eye catching and compelling messaging these small formats can often have the largest impact. In fact, we often suggest this as an addition to the overall OOH campaign with supplementary messaging to reinforce the campaign.

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