Your Identity is your fingerprint

Logo and Identity Design

Arguably the most recognisable part of any brand is the logo. Logos can be clever and simple, loud and obvious, or an infinite number of variations between. The main thing is that it portrays your brand, its promise, and its aspirations. You want it to be memorable and represent you as a company. Behaviourally, human beings tend to judge a book by its cover, so if your logo does not instill the right emotion in the mind of a prospective buyer, you have already lost half of the battle.

We always look to evaluate the brand image of any client we work with. That’s not say there are always changes to be made, it just allows us to get closer to your brand and what it stands for.

Psychology is everything

Many clients have come to us seeking a complete revamp, or even a first time logo. This is where our branding expertise comes into play. Through a bespoke branding workshop, our experts will help bring out the core beliefs and values of your company so that we can determine the right tone which fits into the brand you are trying to build.

Psychology plays a large role in this. If your brand is fun, what colour best portrays this in the minds of your customers? What about if your brand is all about creativity? Colours, shapes, ratios; all of these form the art and science that is a logo and identity.

Office stationery

From here we work to create all your stationery, such as letterheads and business cards. We also have very strong links with high-end specialist printers to ensure our creativity and your brand is not limited by a printer who cannot accommodate.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our team will then be in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a meeting to have a more in-depth chat.

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