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Product Design

Product design is a highly specialised area, and can be the make-or-break of any new product-based business or range. Our design team can take ideas from conception to reality. We help our clients design and develop innovate products with the target user in mind. This lends itself well from our deep knowledge of user behaviour and science that we also apply to our ‘normal’ design work.

Using our sister company, Spray Ventures, we can also assist in the manufacture process with our strong links to the very best factories in China for both quality and transparency. If you have an idea, why not get in touch? You also have our entire marketing team at your disposal!

Experience and reliability

Our product design journey has 5 stages, as with our other services, and ensures we can help you deliver the very best product to market:

  - Ideation & Innovation
  - Research, Analysis & Observation
  - Design, Sketch and Model
  - Prototype Development
  - Manufacture & Deployment
  - Commercialise, Grow & Iterate

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