Go Mobile or go home!

Mobile App Development

“Mobile first” is not just a phrase! For brands to be successful they need to be where their users are, and of course their users are increasingly on mobile. In fact, the majority of time spent on mobile devices now is in mobile apps. It is imperative for businesses and brands to have a mobile app - though there needs to be a strategy in place. That said, there is no point having a mobile app for the sake of it - you need an integrated approach which utilises the mobile app as a growth tool.

Mobile apps not only allow clients to stay in constant contact with potential customers, they are great for customer retention. Given that repeat customers spend 20% more than new customers, it is a no brainer that so many businesses are investing in an app for their business. Combine this with the fact that the average person checks their smartphone 120 times day, you can start to see the power of mobiles apps, from a branding perspective, let alone revenue.

Entire App lifecycle in one place

One of the advantages of being an integrated agency - we can utilise data from across your marketing efforts to optimise your app build. Furthermore, our strategy experts have worked with some of the best known apps in the world so you can rest assured we will deliver something which will resonate with your customer.

iOS, Android, Windows
We can build apps for almost any platform. The biggest demand is for iOS and Android apps, and our team has built apps which span both, and also some which are only for iOS or Android. It all depends on the business need. It goes without saying this is cross-device, so whether you have a mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, or netbook, our team can help.

Business Applications

Most clients think about consumer facing apps, but mobile and tablet apps can drive huge revenue and efficiency gains internally. For example, your sales staff could have an app which integrates with your CRM system, but also provides demos while they are out in the field. We can even utilise virtual reality to help product based sales teams!

Spray Ventures

Our subsidiary, Spray Ventures, acts as an early stage incubator and accelerator (fondly known as the Sprayccelerator!). This was born from a need in the market - everyone seems to have an app idea these days. Do you have a great idea for an app or game?

If so, our team can help. We’ve worked on apps spanning various verticals, from games, to app-based businesses. Be warned though, Spray Ventures only takes on the most disruptive ideas or moonshots, that have the potential to grow 10x. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch and let’s discuss your idea (don’t worry, we can sign NDAs, etc - we aren’t in the business of stealing your idea, we’re here to help make it a reality). And before you ask… yes, there is investment available!

Going through the Sprayccelerator, although new, can be a grueling process. We will test the founders to their limits and work through the business as a whole to ensure it has the best chance of success. Of course when it comes to launch, you then have the added benefit of Spray Marketing’s entire marketing team at your disposable to help your app gain the traction it needs.

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