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Web Applications

Web applications are becoming increasingly complex. However, with greater complexity comes greater user experiences. They allow us to run incredibly complex systems in a user’s web browser. Many of the world’s most used website can be defined as web applications, and it’s often about creating something new - which is why we love it!

We subscribe to two main philosophies in our development process: test driven development (TDD) and agile development. Our team has worked on hundreds of projects between them, so you can be sure we can be as agile as your web application needs.

Agile Methodology

Being agile in our web development means we can iterate quickly and build better web applications to achieve your goals. It allows us to stay responsive and pivot throughout the product life cycle. We strongly believe in this methodology to provide clients with a robust, and evolving web application over an over-engineered one which is not right for the user.

Test driven development (TDD)

Test driven development (TDD) is the cornerstone of any team worth who is constantly learning. Using a combination of Test Driven, Behavioural Driven, and Feature Driven development allows us to write good, clean code, which is easily maintained going forward. It also means we can detect conflicts as the web application grows, meaning few bugs, and less margin for error.

Some clients believe that this simply adds time to the project, but in actual fact it only takes one and a half times the amount of time to code the entire project. That may seem like a lot, but for traditional web applications where bugs are fixed only at the end of the project the time actually far exceeds this.

Furthermore, it also allows everyone to be on the same page with regards to user flows, interaction, and experience as this is largely mapped out before even a single line of code is written. Any team not using these techniques would be classed as dinosaurs in the modern world of programming, so it’s no wonder that even our new starters spend 6 weeks practicing TDD, BDD, and FDD to get to grips with it!

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