Email Marketing is NOT Dead

Email Marketing

Despite what marketers say, email is not dead. In fact, there is evidence to show that millennials actually prefer to receive communication via email! Regardless of that though, emails can be a scalable yet very intimate marketing channel for businesses, especially with a clean, accurate, and engaged database.

We can help take the strain out of your email marketing efforts by automating much of the tedious work, spending more time focusing on the messaging and determining what content resonates with various segments within your email database. Yes, the people are the numbers in your database, but they are first and foremost people! People like you who love, hate, and worship brands. Our job is to create an emotional connection via email, and then nurture that prospect through the sales funnel using an integrated approach.

B2B or B2C

Whether you require our services for B2B or B2C we are confident we can help throughout the email marketing value chain.

  - Ideation
  - Content creation
  - Image and creative
  - Server whitelisting
  - Importing and exporting data
  - Searching
  - Filtering
  - List Management
  - Testing
  - Scheduling
  - Automated follow ups
  - Automated drip feeds
  - Robust Reporting

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