The Highest Converting Ad Format

Google Shopping

Google Shopping and the associate Product Listing Ads often provide the best ROI for clients with e-commerce websites. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true of this format. We find a much better click through rate and often a 25% increase in the conversion rate.

We have experience not only setting up Google Shopping feeds, but optimising them along with product listing ad campaigns to improve ROI.

Easy Setup

Set up is actually a very easy process (if you know what you're doing!):

  - Create a Google Merchant Center Account
  - Link up Google Merchant Center with your website and AdWords
  - Verify Google Merchant Center with your website and AdWords
  - Create and optimise the data feed

Useful Data

The data feed is historically the biggest pain point for our clients - but we have extensive experience in this area and we can even help automate things. We have created feeds that sync up with the client’s internal systems as well - Sage and SAP to name a few!

Due to the results of Product Listing Ads we often like to get this activity set up very early on, but it also feeds into the other services we offer. For example, we can study the search terms that people are using to find your products and convert via PLAs, and we can target that with our SEO efforts! In fact, this insight alone can help you maximise your real estate on the user’s screen: you can be there for PLAs, for a normal search ad, and in the organic listings! Take that, competition!

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