The New Frontier.

Programamtic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is one of the most advanced tactics you can use in the digital landscape. It allows you to target the right people, at the right time, across devices - so you can be sure wherever your customer is hiding, we can find them! Usually, we introduce this to our clients once we are sure they have maximised traditional search and display activities, though there are exceptions in heavily regulated industries where normal advertising channels are not available.

We have deep links with a variety of ad partners and platforms to ensure we can provide effective and efficient advertising campaigns. Of course programmatic advertising is often frowned upon due to the lack of transparency, however, our ethos ensures that we maximise the insights gained from your programmatic activity as well as providing robust tracking which allows you to make smarter business decisions across your business.

We’ve invested heavily in tracking and creative capabilities to ensure we can maximise your ROI.

Full Service

With our experience in programmatic advertising you can rest assured we have you covered:

  - Sophisticated algorithms and technologies
  - Advanced remarketing tactics
  - All ad formats
  - In-built brand safety
  - Programmatic Mobile, Programmatic Video, Programmatic Social
  - Fraud detection and comprehensive tracking

Campaign Crafting

Before we start any programmatic advertising activity we go through a rigorous preparation process with our clients. This allows us to better understand the client, their business, and their vision so that we can form an appropriate set of campaigns and recommendations to give them the best chance of success.

That’s not to say we have meetings for the sake of meetings: as with any data-driven agency, we believe in launching and iteration. We create a range of strategies using different targeting methods and audiences and once everyone is happy we go live. From this, we can move quickly to create efficiency gains by acting upon the insights from the data we capture.

Audiences Building & Private Marketplaces

Using all this data we can create custom data segments to target using a variety of bidding techniques. This allows us to drive results and improve ROI across the exchanges and ensures we can reach your customer, across channels and devices.

We find that private marketplaces can be a key driver in campaigns that outperform expectations. We have strong relationships with many key publishers in the UK so it’s no wonder we tend to outperform other media buying agencies!

Complement TV

Gone are the days of simply buying TV spots and hoping for brand uplift, or the direct response you envision. We can now programmatically buy TV to truly maximise your advertising efforts across channels, in tandem, using big data to maximise ROI. The advances in this area are cutting edge, but this fits perfectly into our philosophy of taking a holistic approach as it means you avoid disjointed campaigns.

It doesn’t stop here though as it allows us to sync the digital response to your TV ads to help inform our strategies and switch up our tactics where need be. All in all it's an exciting time for programmatic, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to help!

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