Visits from retargeting methods are 25% more likely to convert


Retargeting is one of the most effective advertising tools for any online business. In its basic form, it allows you to recapture users who came to your website but left without fulfilling an action. However, retargeting strategies can get increasingly complex, and with the tools available now this is an area which will only gain prominence. Luckily, we take a data-driven, holistic approach to all our campaigns and so the tactic will be a tailored solution for your needs, not a one-size-fits all approach.

Retargeting can also be a great tool to inform more generic display activity, giving us insights into your users and potential customers so we can better target that segment/persona via other channels, such as social media. This then forms a self contained loop where these ‘new’ upper funnel prospects can then be pulled down the process towards decision via a variety of retargeting strategies and touch points. In many ways this feeds into one of our pillars called the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). This philosophy, coined by Google can help inform decision making and really create more powerful campaigns which win the many micromoments through the customer journey.

Cookie Based

Traditional retargeting is all based on cookies, and is still the prevalent technology in the arena. Essentially, when a user visits your website, they are “tagged” with a cookie which sits on their machine. As they visit other websites which have spaces available for ads, you are eligible to show. As complex as that sounds, it's actually the easy part! The difficulty comes in harnessing this power to drive goal completions! Luckily, that’s where our experts come in - we have extensive experience with retargeting campaigns to maximise ROI.

Cross Device

It’s no longer good enough to only retarget a user when they visit other websites - the average consumer uses at least 2 devices every day. Never before has the need to reach the right customer at the right time been more crucial. Using cross device retargeting you can use a variety of tactics to pull prospects down your sales funnel.

It doesn’t stop here though, we often employ hyper-targeted strategies in our retargeting campaigns. For example, we would target users who came to the website from a specific social media post, and spent more than 40 seconds reading a product description very differently to someone who has been on the website three times in the last two days, and viewed three/four products within the same category!

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