The most engaging format: low-cost and targeted form of TV

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine on the planet! Not Bing, not Yahoo, not AOL! With that in mind, if you haven’t got a video strategy yet, you’re already falling behind!

Unlike TV, YouTube advertising has very robust targeting options, meaning you can have the power of TV advertising at scale, across device, to reach the right person at the right time! All of this is becomes even more attractive when you look at the cost structure Google has developed. In the most popular format, you only pay when someone chooses to watch your video! It’s like running a TV advert, with the power of only paying for people who don’t turn away when the ad segment is run!

What are you waiting for?

Workshop & Strategy

This often starts with a branding workshop where we understand the tone and personality of your company. From here we will create various storyboards to fulfil the campaign objective. Once this is all agreed, our guys get to work creating assets and building out the strategy based on the data and insights we have access to.

Branding & ROI

YouTube advertising has a very strong branding effect, and we usually see a big uplift in branded queries, both organically and PPC. We can also utilise other targeting options to further increase the ROI from this channel - for example, we could retarget users who have watched a video. We could also do this the other way round - we could choose to target someone on YouTube based on the fact they have been to your website previously.

These are just a few examples, but it goes to show that although video is largely seen as a branding exercise, we can, and have indeed run some very successful direct response campaigns on YouTube!

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