1 in 3 smartphone users search for local businesses weekly

Local SEO

Times are changing, so must you…

Year on year the percentage of online searches on mobile devices has grown significantly, and of course many of these search queries are performed while out and about and 'on the go'.

With the new wave of wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, users will start using on-the-go searches even more frequently, and every business needs to cater for their consumers’ immediate needs.

Local searches will be based on hyper-specific locations, rather than just on a regional or national basis, meaning there will be a drive towards a more geographically relevant network of information, eliminating even more barriers between the digital and physical world.

Businesses that become part of this new world of search, will reap the rewards of being found quicker, and more effectively, by the people that matter most…. their potential consumers.

SEO for any business

At Spray Marketing, local SEO strategies are important to us, and form a starting point for longer term, broader search engine optimisation.

Effectively our aim is to increase your local businesses ranking within search engines such as Google and Bing, with the objective of developing a stronger customer base locally to where your business is based.

Constant monitoring

Constant results based monitoring, and making changes to drive efficiency, are key to developing a successful strategy, and increasing return on investment. Unlike other broader forms of SEO, this is likely to be carried out on a daily basis by experts in this particular field.

Our overall job is to implement a consistent ongoing strategy, and we stay committed to seeing it through. With the effects of our efforts compounding you’ll start seeing results within weeks and never look back.

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