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Multilingual SEO

70% of worldwide internet users do not use English as their first language, making the use of normal SEO practises to target them completely ineffective. Should your company be looking to reach out to a global market then Spray Marketing's multilingual SEO techniques are what you need to succeed.

True multilingual SEO is about much more then simply running your website through a translation tool. Keywords and your site's primary content need to be checked to make sure that they are relevant in the targeted market, as many phrases, references and cultural ideas simply do not translate.

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Just as you would probably be confused if a French person told you that they "have other cats to whip", they would be confused if you said to them that you had "other fish to fry". Idioms such as this don't translate directly and simply running your site through an online translation system such as Google translate won't correct this, leaving your website unintelligble or possibly even offensive to your target market.

Spray Marketing works hard to make sure your brand is being promoted in as effective a manner as possible, giving you the best possible result, whichever market you wish to target.


In addition to your site's content, targeting the correct search engines is vitally important. Whilst Google is used more or less worldwide, with a total worldwide market share of roughly 88%, there are plenty of local search engines unique to each market that need to be considered. For example, if you try to market your business in China without performing the correct multilingual SEO procedures for Baidu, the search engine handling over 56% of China's searches, you will find it hard to be taken seriously.

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